We have expertise in all electrical works, indoor and outdoor installations.

We do internal and external wiring, switch gear maintenance, panel boards, installation of ELCB and other electrical works.

We do all types of Maintenance Services for Domestic as well as Commercial Set up.

We are enriched with a strong Team to Execute Energy Audits, power Saving suggestions and Referral one point contact for subordinate services.

AC Service

We have expertise in all Types of AC Maintenance and Repair.

We are having a result oriented team for HVAC needs of Domestic as well as Industrial Customers.

We are the turnkey project Executor In terms of HVAC Designing, Duct Fabrication, Insulation, Area qualification and Validation works.

  • We are Expert in:
  • Monoblock Air Conditioners
  • Monoblock Air Conditioners
  • Monoblock Air Conditioners

Cleaning Services

A residential community/Commercial Building cleaning is based on a contract cleaning for the apartments/villas/Buildings of a community. This type of services is always scheduled and it has a planned frequency on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Private home cleaning is based on a direct contract with the landlord, where our company is delivering weekly cleaning services with occasional one-time interventions.

Cleaning services include floors, Carpets, Upholstery, Curtains, Sofa Sets, Windows, Furniture, Home appliances, Toiletry and all areas inside and outside your home.

We are having our dedicated team for Pool Cleaning & Water storage bodies cleaning (Overhead/Underground Tank).


Preventive Maintenance: Our priority projects are preventive maintenance for public and private establishments. We believe that maintenance should be focused on solving problems before they occur.

Routine Maintenance: We provide and willing to undertake any kind of daily maintenance operations in a most cost effective, competitive and creative performance and results.

Civil Maintenance: Our civil maintenance includes tile lying, grouting, plumbing, and sanitary, carpentry, false ceiling, and other construction jobs.


We are ready to respond to all plumbing needs in a home or commercial Set up, from installing a new Geyser, dishwasher, redesigning your bathroom or fixing any leakages.

Our specialists are focused on providing the best solution for your home/office to be water safe proofed and functional.

RO Services

We have expertise in all Types of RO Machines, be it a Domestic one or a Commercial RO.

We are experts in AMC service of all type of RO machines and we also provide solutions for Hard water, Saline water etc.


Our handyman services cover everything from changing a light bulb to putting up shelves, fixing furniture or create customized solution for every challenge you find in your home.

With this service we take care of the time consuming jobs so that you can enjoy your home stress free.

Pest Control

We handle all types of pest infections and we deliver solutions for your home & offices.

We have expertise in Pest elimination from kitchen cockroaches to mice and all in between.

Our Pest control services include also a site assessment of your property because we believe prevention is the best solution in avoiding other pest infections.

All the pest controls are done with high care regarding the chemicals used, making sure the quantity of pesticides are kept at the minimum.

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